We believe that the Word of God is without error and perfect. It communicates God's love and guidance for our lives.

We believe that life makes sense only in light of a God who is Holy, personal, relational and full of Love.

We believe that God made the world and everything in it.

We believe that God made us humans to live in this world of peace and joy, sharing His love with one another.

We believe that God paid us the highest compliment by giving us the freedom to say YES or NO to His desires. Sadly, our NO has led us all down the road to alienation, self-destruction and death - which will ultimately lead us to eternal separation from God in a real place called hell.

We believe that God so loved us humans that He gave His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, and that by believing in Him, we could be restored and have everlasting life.

We believe that Jesus came to us as God in the flesh, born of a virgin. He taught us how to live with Him in God's Kingdom. Although He was perfect, He suffered for our wrong doings and was put to death for our sinful ways. He did this so that we might be restored to a right relationship with God, with others. and with ourselves. After He was killed, Jesus was raised back to life and then went home to be with His Heavenly Father.

We believe that Jesus sent His Holy Spirit, calling all people everywhere to accept by faith, His free gift of everlasting life, that they may be saved and be part of the Kingdom of God.

We believe that all who follow Jesus into God's Kingdom discover a community of fellow believers and friends that becomes our spiritual home. We call it the church. Jesus calls it His body.

We believe that the purpose of the church is to continue Jesus' work of loving all people and helping them understand and establish a personal relationship with a Holy God.

We believe that there is an evil presence in the universe who seeks to undermine all good things that God is doing in the world, in the church, and in our personal lives. We resist the evil one, satan, through prayer, instruction from God's Word, perseverance and the support of fellow believers.

We believe that God is guiding human history according to His own perfect plan. One day, Jesus Christ will come back to earth, and that will be the end of the world as we know it. On that day, God will make all things new, heal all wounds and reveal His love fully and perfectly to those who believe in Jesus Christ. Those who do not believe in Jesus Christ will be lost forever, separated from God, in hell.

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